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I give you a gift and her name is Sandi Radomski. She has created a professional, easy to understand manual that is a MUST READ for serious students of these procedures.

Gary Craig, Creator of Emotional Freedom Technique

Allergy to Money Special Bundle

"Many of your vague, undiagnosed, and persistent symptoms may be from what you are eating, smelling, or touching."

Sandra Radomski ND, LCSW 

Sandi is available by phone or by Skype for private sessions. Have a question? Contact us or schedule an appointment with Sandi.

What is Allergy Antidotes?

Allergy Antidotes is a system for eliminating the emotional and physical symptoms caused by allergic reactions. Allergy Antidotes may help you:

~ Breathe better
~ Move easier
~ Digest better
~ Sleep better
~ Lose weight
~ Have more energy

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I wouldn’t like to be without lasers because they really seem to reach parts that other energy therapies don’t.

Willem Lammers, Psychologist, Certified Trauma Therapist

"Thank you Sandi. Amazing workshop with so much useful information to take away and use to heal myself and others. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt, but also learning more experimenting with your techniques. Good balance to the workshop, however, being a course junkie it was all over too quickly. Amazing person and awesome teacher.

Love and big hugs,
Sharon. UK..