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I give you a gift and her name is Sandi Radomski. She has created a professional, easy to understand manual that is a MUST READ for serious students of these procedures.

Gary Craig, Creator of Emotional Freedom Technique

Using EFT for Allergy Antidotes DVD 

and Special DVD Sets

 Sandi Radomski's Classic EFT Treatment of Allergies DVD 

Conducted at Gary Craig’s 2003 EFT conference in Flagstaff, Arizona, this DVD includes more than 2 hours of my talk and demonstration on using EFT to identify and treat environmental sensitivities. Some of the topics included are:

**Using EFT to reprogram the body to no longer react to the problem substance.

**How and why allergies are increasing.

**The Rain Barrel Effect and what to do about it.

**18 common allergy like reactions.

**How some emotional symptoms have a physiological basis.

**How the body wrongly identifies a substance as a danger to its existence.

**Identifying allergy like reactions.

**How inside air pollution is 2-5 times greater than outside air pollution.

**The top 6 toxins.

**The top 7 reactive foods.

**Basic treatments and Surrounding the Dragon.


Special Savings Allergy Antidotes - EFT for Allergies Sets

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Allergy Antidotes - EFT Treatment of Allergies DVD

AND  the Allergy Antidotes  Basic Manual

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Allergy Antidotes - EFT Treatment of Allergies VIDEO DOWNLOAD
AND  the Downloads of the Allergy Antidotes Basic Manual
AND the Allergy Antidotes Advanced Procedures Manual

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Consultation sessions for therapy or supervision are available in person, by telephone, or by Skype.

Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW
Creator of Allergy Antidotes and Co-creator of Ask and Receive, specializing in using muscle testing to guide A&R.

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or Call: 609-464-2803


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What People Say

I wouldn’t like to be without lasers because they really seem to reach parts that other energy therapies don’t.

Willem Lammers, Psychologist, Certified Trauma Therapist

"Thank you Sandi. Amazing workshop with so much useful information to take away and use to heal myself and others. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt, but also learning more experimenting with your techniques. Good balance to the workshop, however, being a course junkie it was all over too quickly. Amazing person and awesome teacher.

Love and big hugs,
Sharon. UK..