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I give you a gift and her name is Sandi Radomski. She has created a professional, easy to understand manual that is a MUST READ for serious students of these procedures.

Gary Craig, Creator of Emotional Freedom Technique



Allergy Antidotes
Foundation Bundle

Includes DOWNLOADS of: the Allergy Antidotes Basic and Advanced Manuals, the Quick Reference Guide, the Meridian Laser Techniques Video, and audios of Ask & Receive for Allergies and the Complete Ask & Receive TeleclearingTM for Allergies (2 sessions).


Basic Allergy Antidotes ManualAllergy Antidotes™ Basic Manual:

The Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-like Reactions Learn More


Advance Allergy Antidotes ManualAllergy Antidotes™  Advanced Procedures Manual 

The Advanced Procedures manual is the natural progression after the Basic manual. It combines the latest and most effective Energy Psychology procedures into a single package, and contains new testing methods, new research findings, and a large section on the treatment of autism. It includes completely new material as well as information I have
been sharing in my trainings but which is not included in the Basic manual.


Allergy Antidotes™ Manuals Combo Special

Buy both the Basic & Advanced Manuals 

SAVE $10


Allergy to Money Laser Demo

If your dreams include earning and keeping more money and having a wildly successful business, you owe it to yourself to be sure you are not blocking the flow of wealth and prosperity. Carrying old negative beliefs and reactions to money blocks you from attracting and keeping money. This Laser Clearing technique is a quick and easy way to clear your issues with money.


 Muscle Testing Demo

Here is the simple and authoritative training in Muscle Testing. In her easily followed, user friendly 40 minute video, Sandi Radomski teaches you exactly how to muscle test for your self, clients, family and friends – and even how to do muscle testing at a distance over the telephone! This classic presentation demonstrates step-by-step the easy and highly effective muscle testing skill that Sandi has refined.

"Over the years I have watched many teachings on muscle testing within energy psychology - and this is the best I have seen. Sandi is a true artist in this and many other energy healing skills, and here she provides a remarkably clear account of how her own procedures have developed, beginning with an accurate outline of the history from George Goodheart onwards. She demonstrates the nuances and subtleties of good muscle testing, moving on to self-testing, and surrogate and proxy testing, Highly recommended (and inexpensive)!" ~ Phil Mollon, President Elect ACEP


Manual Basico de Antidotas para las Alergias:
Tratamiento de psicologia energetica para todas las reacciones de tipo alergico.

This 109 page manual is nearly identical in scope and content to the English version of my Basic Manual (a small section omitted in the Spanish version is included as a separate addendum). Bonus material in this version of the manual is the addition of 8 pages of acupuncture diagrams inserted by John Hartung as used in Steve Reed’s ReMap Process.






Quick Reference Guide

This PDF summarizes and demonstrates with color photos the Allergy Antidotes techniques and procedures from both manuals, as well as those developed since the manuals were first developed.


 Meridian Laser TechniqueMeridian Laser Technique Manual Meridian Laser Technique is a way to combine several Energy Psychology techniques to treat negative emotions, limiting beliefs, traumas, non-alignment with positive goals, wounds, organ balance, inflammation, muscle pain and more.
This is a 50 page, illustrated, companion book to the Meridian Laser Technique DVD


Meridian Laser Technique DVD
Get the download FREE when you fill out the form at top of page. (Value of $30.00)


You Can Heal Your Kids
A Mom's Guide to Reversing Disease and Creating Health in Your Children, by Linda M. Wallace. Linda is a Substance Sensitivity Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Energy Healer, wife and mother.

Paperback from Amazon

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DVD: Allergy Antidotes-EFT Treatment of Allergies

The new DVD DOWNLOAD - Allergy Antidotes - EFT Treatment of Allergies - is an excellent introduction to the fundamental techniques for you to use to help yourself, your friends and family with troublesome allergic reactions. The new DVD features Sandi Radomski's 2 hour presentation and demonstration of EFT for treating allergies, made at Gary Craig's 2003 EFT conference in Flagstaff, AZ. Learn More


DVD/Manual Introductory Package        
Allergy Antidotes-EFT Treatment of Allergies DVD Download, and Download of the Allergy Antidotes Basic Manual

SAVE $10


DVD/Manuals Deluxe Package            
Allergy Antidotes-EFT Treatment of Allergies Download of DVD Video AND DOWNLOADS of the Allergy Antidotes Basic Manual AND the Allergy Antidotes Advanced Procedures Manual. 

SAVE $20


Meridian Laser Technique Free DVD Download when you fill out the form below. - from Sandi Radomski - Allergy Antidotes

 Free Download of the Meridian Laser Techniques DVD when you fill out the form below..


Consultation sessions for therapy or supervision are available by telephone, or by Skype.

Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW
Creator of Allergy Antidotes and Co-creator of Ask and Receive, specializing in using muscle testing to guide A&R.

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What People Say

I wouldn’t like to be without lasers because they really seem to reach parts that other energy therapies don’t.

Willem Lammers, Psychologist, Certified Trauma Therapist

"Thank you Sandi. Amazing workshop with so much useful information to take away and use to heal myself and others. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt, but also learning more experimenting with your techniques. Good balance to the workshop, however, being a course junkie it was all over too quickly. Amazing person and awesome teacher.

Love and big hugs,
Sharon. UK..