Are You Allergic to Money?

Are You Allergic to Money?

Although I’ve been talking for years about the significance of traumas that happened around birth, even I am shocked by what I’ve recently discovered! In the past few months, I’ve been conducting a series of half-hour sessions with different people, all focused on eliminating an “Allergy to Money”. In these individual sessions, we create a goal statement of what the person wants. I then muscle test to determine if and when there was a trauma that might be keeping them from achieving their desire.

I just completed twenty of these sessions. Seventeen of twenty adults were still reacting and being held back by traumas that happened at birth. Old, outdated patterns learned from birth were still plaguing their lives. Feeling unwanted makes it very hard to attract new clients or customers. Feeling like “you do not belong here” makes it difficult to promote a new business. Feeling insecure or unimportant gets in the way of asking to be paid what you are worth.

Even more astounding is that ten of the seventeen birth traumas involved life-threatening physical issues. Four of the people were premature with up to three months in the hospital. Several were stuck in the birth canal. There also was an extended labor in a third-world country with no possibility of a Caesarian section. Several had a forceps delivery. Another person was a breech birth with the cord around the neck.

Therefore ten out of the twenty people I talked to about money had life-threatening trauma at birth. That is 50% and is much higher than the percentage of life-threatening situations in relation to all live births.

The remaining individuals had stressful, emotional traumas such as a dad being away at war while the mother’s mother was dying of cancer during pregnancy. Another had the father marry someone else during the mother’s pregnancy. Another was the 6th child born into a family with very little money and with a sick mother.

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These numbers give us an important glimpse into how significant birth traumas seem to be. These people are carrying the scars from physical and emotional situations that had happened 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years earlier. But people with these long held traumas reported relief, feeling more in their body and certainly feeling more aligned with their financial goals after our 30-minute Ask & Receive session.

If you also had a traumatic experience at birth, perhaps the outdated, untrue patterns that grew out of your experience may be keeping you from having what you deserve in your life. I would love to help. I am happy to offer you this opportunity for a half hour session focused on unhooking you from your birth trauma.

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