Problem Substances

I recently conducted a series of half hour muscle testing sessions. Most of the people who participated had some type of chronic health problem ranging from very minor to serious. I tested each person on the same top 20 reactive substances along with 30 foods and 30 supplements of their…

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Are You Allergic to Money?

Although I’ve been talking for years about the significance of traumas that happened around birth, even I am shocked by what I’ve recently discovered! In the past few months, I’ve been conducting a series of half-hour sessions with different people, all focused on eliminating an “Allergy to Money”. In these…

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Allergies as a Metaphor for Fear

When I began specializing in treating allergies, colleagues often asked me why would psychotherapists be interested in allergic reactions. Now more and more therapists are aware that many of our patient’s presenting emotional and physical symptoms are actually an allergic reaction.  Anger, anxiety, depression, ADD, pain and brain fog are…

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