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Case Studies
by Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW


F.P. – Multiple Sclerosis: 
An Example of Diagnostic Detective Work

F.P. presented with symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis including leg tingling especially in hot weather.  She was first tested and treated on all of the Allergy AntidotesTM Core Collection substances.  Then she was treated for her jewelry, which weakened her.  We also treated her for titanium since she weakened on a titanium clip put in her body upon removal of her gallbladder.  She correctly suspected that she was weakened by her lipstick and her Clinque™ lotion she used on her face.  Her meridians were continually going out of balance until we cleared and she avoided the Clinque™ lotion.  Even though we cleared the make-up, she chose to stay away from these products.  We then tested and treated molds that she brought in with air samples, moldy leaves and names of molds that she weakened on.

We then directly attacked the Multiple Sclerosis testing and treating her on her immune system and her corticosteroids.  I then hypothesized that since Multiple Sclerosis attacked the myelin sheath surrounding her spinal cord, we needed to check her on her myelin.  She weakened on it and was treated.  However, she was unable to hold the treatment after three attempts over three weeks.  I reasoned that there must be something within the myelin sheath that needed to be cleared in order for the treatment of myelin to hold.

I found out that myelin was made up of essential fatty acids, which she tested weak on.  I then found that the primary essential fatty acids were linolenic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.  She tested weak for linolenic acid.  After she was successfully treated for linolenic acid on one trial, the treatment for myelin was able to hold.  Also, following the treatment for linolenic acid her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms of leg tingling were eliminated. Tingling has now been gone for several years, even in the summer.

I have also used this treatment protocol with another Multiple Sclerosis patient.  After treating her for linoleic acid (another essential fatty acid) the contraction of her tongue due to M.S. was eliminated.  The treatment allowed her to continue to sing which was her profession.


F.S. – Severe Asthmatic Reaction to Dogs and Cats: 
Using Combined Sensory Desensitization
F.S. presented with severe asthmatic reaction to dogs and cats.  Her reactions were so serious that she once needed to be hospitalized following a ride in a car that a dog had been in briefly the day before.  With her normal asthma medication as well as special medication just for animals, she could still be around pets for only about one hour before her eyes would swell shut.

Her normal behavior was to simply avoid being near animals.  However, this avoidance kept her from visiting friends and especially her son in Kansas who had two dogs and two cats and her daughter in Atlanta who had three cats.

She wanted to visit her children and stay in their homes.  To accomplish this task, we treated her for animal dander, animal epithelial, cat urine, cat saliva and kitty litter. She then had her son and daughter send her hair samples of all of the animals.  First she was treated holding the envelope containing the hair.  Then she was treated smelling the animal hair from the opened envelope.  Then finally she was treated while holding the hair.  We repeated these treatments on several weekly visits.

During her trip she was able to stay at her son’s house for four days and four nights without any asthma problems.  She was sleeping in a room that was freely accessible to the dogs and cats.  At her daughter’s home she was able to play and interact with the three cats.


K.D. – Digestive Problems and Back Pain
K.D. presented with severe digestive problems and back pain.  Her back pain was located in one specific, small part of her lower back.  She had just spent several hundred dollars for gastrointestinal testing.  The doctor’s only response to the G.I. testing was to put her on Prilosec.  She was unsure if the Prilosec was making any improvement in her symptoms.

K.D. reported having an increase in symptoms at the beginning of the year when she had also begun taking progesterone.  We tested her progesterone.  She was weak so I treated her using Spinal Release.  She stated that her back pain went away during the time I was tapping near her spine.

During the next session K.D. said that she just realized that the time of her symptoms also coincided with her taking Lamisil, an anti-fungal agent to reduce her toenail fungus.  Since I was working in a physician’s office that day, I was able to get a sample of that medication.  After the first treatment, she was significantly improved.  Next, we retreated Lamisil since it still showed some weakness.  Her digestive symptoms then completely disappeared.  She felt strong and energetic.


D.K. – Migraine Headaches
D.K. was an 11 year old boy with intractable migraine headaches, at least once a month and often more, that lasted for approximately ten days.  This pattern had been occurring for several years.  After treating the Core Collection, spices, specific foods he brought in, and his dog’s hair, his migraines stopped for several months.  He had one recurrence when he ate a great deal of peanut butter.  We had not treated peanuts since he was not interested in them at the time of our sessions.  He had been told by an allergist to avoid peanuts and they had not been part of his diet in years.  After our treatments, he felt so healthy that he forgot the doctor’s warning and began to eat peanuts.  D.K. returned for another session where we cleared him of peanuts and his headache went away.

A few months later he had a headache after swimming.  His mother treated him using Spinal Release for chlorine and he is once again headache free.

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