Eagle Pro Case Studies

Stomach Cramps Following Trip Abroad

R.G. had been suffering from gastric cramping and distress for three weeks following her return from a trip to France. She experienced extreme pain whenever she ate. She had had many medical tests without any diagnosis or changes in symptoms. I potentized her saliva and urine. She took a drink and I gave her a dropper bottle to take doses during the day. After her initial drink she was immediately able go out to lunch and eat with only minimal discomfort. Into the evening she continued to have only slight pain. The next day I potentized a new sample of her saliva and urine and the cramping completely disappeared. 

Acute Stomach Flu Symptoms 

S.M. was suffering from such severe flu-like symptoms that she was ready to call 911 to be taken to the hospital. She had stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. She compared the stomach pains to childbirth labor but without any let-up between contractions. It had been getting worse for four hours. I told her to use her Biopet. She potentized samples of her saliva, urine, stool and vomit. In one hour, all of her symptoms were gone.

A Personal Account

Last summer I severely injured my back by kayaking. I already have several herniated disks and the pain was excruciating. I could not move for days. Finally I asked for help from a physician who prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxants. I was then able to sit up but within one-half hour I started getting very dizzy and began vomiting. I vomited for several hours before I remembered the Biopet. I had my husband put the pills on the In-plate and I drank a potentized version to negate the adverse effects. In ten minutes the vomiting and dizziness had ended. 

Interstitial Cystitis

A.Y. has suffered from interstitial cystitis for 27 years. The intensity of pain recently increased exponentially following a medical procedure to photograph inside the bladder. I put her on a regime of potentizing her urine every day. She then puts the bottle of homeopathic version of her urine on her bladder for 15 minutes if she experiences extreme pain. The pain is reduced to a dull ache. A.Y. now has more of a sense of control in her life knowing that she can ease her discomfort by placing the remedy on her bladder.


L.S. reported using the Bioaid for eliminating arthritis burning and pain in her mother’s fingers and hands. She had her mother put one hand on the in-place and the other hand on the out-plate, then she put the Bioaid on continuous for 15 minutes. All the pain disappeared.

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