Eagle Pro Remedy Maker

Eagle Pro Remedy Maker from Allergy Antidotes

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The Eagle Pro puts the desired frequency directly into the person’s body on a continuous basis. It also can hook to the Twin-Ray Attachment and other machines to direct the frequency to a specific point on the body or into the environment.

1. Duplicates (copies) frequency of substance.
2. Potentizes (boosts) information to produce a homeopathic antidote to the original substance 4x, 10x, 30x, 200x.

In less than 10 seconds you can:
1. Create duplicate tubes to give to patients so they can self-treat at home.
2. Create combination vials for patients to take home.
3. Create energy frequency tubes from sample of substance (i.e. house dust, mold, dog hair, local pollen).
4. Create liquid formulas – especially for those with difficulty swallowing – copy medications or supplements into water.
5. Create homeopathic antidotes for reactive substances (can be ingested, rubbed on skin, placed on body, or treated).

ANYTHING can be duplicated or made into a remedy:

Outside the Body  Inside the Body
 purple bullet point Dust

purple bullet point Car exhaust

purple bullet point Gasoline

purple bullet point Flowers

purple bullet point Perfume

purple bullet point Bees

purple bullet point Etc.

  purple bullet pointUrine

purple bullet point Fecal Matter

purple bullet point Tears

purple bullet point Sweat

purple bullet point Blood

purple bullet point Ear Wax

purple bullet point Hair

The Remedy Maker:

  • Provides homeopathic corrective stimulation to acupuncture-points
  • The front label is water-resistant and cleans easily
  • Powers the Twin-Ray light tool
  • Comes with:
    • Owner’s manuals
    • Probe Cord Accessory
    • White Power/Charging Adapter with Cable
    • Alan Stang’s informative book, Electronic Medicine: A Cure?

Twin Ray Wand Attachment

Twin Ray Wand at Allergy Antidotes

An Infrared & LED Light Source with TWIN-RAY Power

The Twin-Ray Wand is a soft-laser light that plugs into a special 3/8″ jack on the upper right face plate of the Eagle Pro machine.  Powered by either the 9-volt battery or the transformer, it emits penetrating, healing light.  The Twin-Ray has two piggy-backed lights, one of which emits a healing light in the visible range while the other emits a healing light in the invisible, far-infrared range.

Both for $605

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