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Questions & Answers
Gary Craig Interviews Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW

What do you actually do when you treat an allergy/energy sensitivity?

I have focused on treating allergy sensitivities for the past 4 to 5 years. I feel they are an important key to helping our clients. Treating allergies or energy toxins is very simple for those versed in the Energy Psychology treatments. When a patient holds, thinks about or reads the name of a reactive substance/allergen, a weakening of the body's energy system is created. The patient continues to keep the substance in their energy field while Energy Psychology techniques are used to balance the body in relation to the offending substance. It is similar to balancing the body in relation to a negative thought as in the energy psychology techniques of EFT, TFT or BSFF. The substance will no longer cause a weakening of the energy system. The body has been reprogrammed to accept the substance.

What is your definition of "allergy"?

It is important that I am not referring to allergy in the strict medical definition of a histamine reaction. Basically I am defining "allergy" as an abnormal response to a food, drug, or something in our environment that usually does not cause symptoms in most people. I am viewing an allergy as anything that weakens the body's energy system. This work has grown out of the discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan who found that an energy toxin or anything that weakens the energy system can cause emotional and physical symptoms.

What are your main treatments?

The three main treatments I use are Spinal Release, Laser Ear Spray and EFT. Spinal Release uses tapping on the back on the bladder meridian to balance the energy system. The bladder meridian travels along both sides of the spine. On this meridian are associated points which refer to all the other meridians in the body. Stimulating those associated points balances the energy system in relation to the reactive substance.
              Laser Ear Spray (LES) has you stimulate the reflex points on the ears with a Laser pen light. The points on the ears relate to all of the other parts of the body. I find the best results with a laser pen light that reaches at least 1200 feet.
              I also use EFT to clear allergies and energy toxins. I tend to use all of the 14 meridians. I include the liver point under the breast since the liver is so important in dealing with toxins. I use EFT for the substance, the symptoms, and any emotions associated with the reaction. I also use EFT as the treatment of choice for patients to self-treat at home. While my patients may effectively use EFT for self treatment, I gear my work towards the professional therapist because of the intricacies that can be involved.
              In my office, I muscle test which technique would be beneficial to that particular client. I tend to use a combination of techniques. For example, I may use Spinal Release first, then LES or EFT for the final touch.
              I locate the offending substances/allergens with muscle testing and take an extensive history. I have a core collection of substances (which I will elaborate on in the next round of correspondence) that I feel are important to test and treat initially. The rest of my substances are found by detective work. I focus on here and now exposures (foods, detergents, etc) and also past exposures to chemicals, medications, vaccines etc. that may have set the body up for the current problem.

What is your success rate?

My success rate is relative to the type of patient seen. I rarely see someone who has an energy toxin that interferes with an emotional treatment. The majority of my patients are coming in for vague, unexplained symptoms or else clearly identified allergies. Therefore, I am seeing many physically ill patients. The ones with mild symptoms are helped very quickly. Children especially clear their symptoms in a short period of time. I see a great deal of Environmentally Ill patients. My experience is that by relieving some of their symptoms, they immediately have a better quality of life. They have more energy, can go about in the world without masks, and begin to live. Depending on their severity, it takes time to reach a level of "success."

Why include "Allergy Antidotes Energy Frequency Tubes" as a part of the treatment?

In both my diagnostic and treatment experience, holding the substance or holding a tube containing the energetic frequency of the substance produces the strongest results. The substance or tube produces changes in the energy field directly. (My next manual will discuss research documenting changes in real time EEG upon holding an energy frequency tube). Having something tangible to hold on to helps the patient focus. For some patients, it increases their faith that something is happening in the treatment. When a sample of the actual substance or a tube containing a magnification of that item is unavailable, writing the name of the substance on paper can also work.
              As an example, in a session today, I used detective work to determine that I needed to test car exhaust and serotonin. Since I did not have actual samples of those substances, I used tubes containing the frequency of these substances. Had I not had these tubes, I would have written the names of the substances on separate pieces of paper and had the patient hold them. Yet another option when the substance cannot be easily be touched is having the patient think about it. For example, I might treat "the air in this room" while in a moldy environment. Even in that instance, I would often write it on a piece of paper.
              In my office, I have over 1500 tubes, enabling me to test most substances. Many of these tubes contain mixes of various substances that are associated, such as vaccines which contain six commonly used inoculations. It would be very difficult for the patient to image all of these in their mind's eye. Combination treatments in which we are treating the substance along with RNA/DNA, Blood, etc. would also be a challenge to "think about". In those instances, writing the various substances on paper can be sufficient. As a companion to my manual, I am producing energy frequency tubes for testing and treatment. I take the original frequency of the substance and multiply it 10x to be able to pick up hidden sensitivities and to treat them more deeply. I choose to reiterate that the tubes are not always necessary. I believe they help my clients focus more clearly on the substance being treated. There are always new substances you may not have tubes for and can be written on paper.

Do you use verbal affirmations during an Allergy Antidotes treatment?

I use a reminder phrase during treatment only when I do EFT. In Spinal Release or Laser Ear Spray, when using the tubes or the actual substance, I merely stimulate the points. When I use a piece of paper, I have the patient read it during treatment. I use another technique I developed called Emotional Allergy Treatment. I have the person hold the substance, tube or look at a piece of paper with the name written on it along with focusing on the specific emotion, age, and event which is related to the sensitivity. The instructions are in the Energy Antidote manual.

How do you determine which treatment to use?

I muscle test my patients to determine which treatment would be desirable for that clearing. It has been my experience that more often Spinal Release is indicated as the primary modality. If the arm still shows weakness, then the body sometimes asks for LES or EFT. I use EFT as the primary self treatment since it is the easiest for a person to do on themselves. EFT can certainly be a place to start treating these sensitivities. However, I feel it is important to know Spinal Release and LES and other treatments as back-up. Besides these treatment, TAT and Matrix among others have systems for clearing sensitivities. It is essential to have as many tools as possible in your toolbox. Different people may respond to different types of treatment.

How do you determine the "offending substance"?

In order to locate the offending substance, I begin by having my patient hold the substance, or a tube containing the energetic frequency of the substance, and I muscle test. If the arm weakens it means that there is an energy imbalance. With a new patient, I start by testing my Core Collection that includes Egg/chicken, Calcium, Vitamin C, B- Vitamins, Sugar, Minerals, Heavy Metals, Toxic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pesticides, and Vaccines. The first 6 represent important nutrients that are needed by the body to function properly. If you are sensitive to them, you cannot absorb them and gain their benefits. The next five tubes contain toxic substances that may set the body up for illness and allergies. I test and clear the 11 items from the Core Collection initially in order to strengthen the body. During a first visit, I also have the patient list all of the foods they eat regularly and then I muscle test these verbally or when looking at a piece of paper with the name of the type of food.

What is an example of this process?

The following are two patient examples. I saw an 11 year old boy with intractable migraine headaches. He would get at least one a month and often more. They would last for approximately ten days. This pattern had occurred for several years. After treating the Core Collection, spices, specific foods he brought in, and his dog's hair, his migraines stopped for several months. He had one recurrence when he ate a great deal of peanut butter. We had not treated peanuts since he was not interested in eating them during the time of our sessions. He returned for another session where we cleared him of peanuts and his headache went away. A few months later he had a headache after swimming. His mother treated him using Spinal Release for chlorine and he is once again headache free.
              Another patient is a 26 year old female who presented with extreme fatigue especially before her period. I discovered she had had a severe reaction to a type of estrogen called estrase that was given to her 2 years previously. I tested her and treated her for the Core Collection. Using tubes, I then tested her for specific hormones which tested weak and subsequently cleared her for estrogen, estriol, estadiol, estrone, and progesterone. I wrote estrase on paper since I did not have a tube for it. I muscle tested and treated it. Her energy is now high, she no longer has fatigue before her periods, and her cramps have gone away.

Must one stay away from the offending substance for a period of time after treatment?

I have a few precautions probably based on my own biases. Several of the treatments for eliminating sensitivity reactions emphasize staying away from the substance for up to 25 hours after treatment. The theory is that the acupuncture system requires time to process the new information. In my practice, I muscle test how long a person must stay away from the item. It varies from no time to several hours rarely but sometimes over 10 hours. I am wondering if it would be desirable to wait some time after the EFT experiment before attempting to be in contact with the substance. People can try it either way.

Do you recommend one type of treatment more than others?

I present several treatment methods in my manual. In my updated manual, I am including several others that I have found effective. The treatments are designed to balance the body's energy system. I believe there are many ways to accomplish that task. Part of my goal in teaching this work is to give people a conceptual framework of how to think about sensitivities.
              Knowing what to treat is as important as knowing how to treat. People sometimes know what is giving them problems. Others have vague, persistent symptoms that have no clear trigger. Careful history taking is important. When and where the symptoms appear are significant. For example, a child whose outbursts at school always occurred in the morning tested sensitive to his typical breakfast of waffles. If the symptoms occur during the night or upon awakening in the morning, it can often be the detergent on their sheets. As written in my previous post if someone's symptoms are connected with their menstrual period, check their hormonal system.
As therapists we are perfect for detective work since we are used to listening carefully for clues. Therapists can use the same "listening " that allows them to identify the various "aspects " of the problem in EFT. Look for the aspects of your patient's symptoms. An example is my patient who had tearing eyes for many years. She had been to many doctors to no avail. During our discussion, she offhandedly mentioned that following an auto accident 20 years ago, her eye socket (on the affected eye) had been replaced with a plastic implant and her cheek was structured with metal wire. Treating her for plastic and surgical steel stopped her long-standing tearing eyes.
Always find out when the symptoms are worse i.e. during different seasons, days of the week, time of the day, when vacuuming. Find out when the symptoms began and what was going on in their lives at the time ie. remodeling of the house with exposures to chemicals, working in a toxic factory, dental procedures or reactions to medications. Find out when people feel better ie. when not eating, when at the shore, during the summer. It is important to identify the traumas or upset that occurred at the time of the onset of symptoms. Trauma and stress can increase one's susceptibility to developing a reaction. Also, traumas can be tied with a particular food or substance which then triggers an imbalance.

Is muscle testing required to do the treatments effectively?

If you are not able to muscle test, you may just want to treat it all as is done in EFT. For example, if you do not feel healthy after a meal, take a sample of each item, write it on a piece of paper or think about the meal and treat. In this way, you will not have to identify the specific food and you will be treating the combination of foods which can also be significant. I have my patient's perform this combination food treatment at home for themselves.
              The more complex cases may involve pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds), body organs, body systems, neurotransmitters etc. There are lists in my manual or certainly in any medical book that can be used to muscle test for identification. Energy frequency tubes can also be used for this purpose.

Who can be trained to do this kind of work?

Unfortunately, the majority of the seminars where I learned the basis of this work are closed to therapists. Yet we as psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers are confronted daily with patients who need help resolving sensitivity reactions. My mission is to offer therapists a way to assist these people. This work is useful at several different levels depending on your interest in learning these procedures. Just giving your clients the awareness that sensitivity reactions may be contributing to their presenting problems can be a wonderful service in and of itself. Merely seeing a sensitivity reaction as a possible option allows one to begin to monitor and view the symptoms differently. If you then learn how to identify the offending substances, you have taught people what they need to avoid in order to feel better. If you then learn the treatment procedures, you can eliminate the person's disturbing symptoms and truly change their lives.

How can this work be integrated into psychotherapy?

You can do a great service for your patients by asking questions to determine whether sensitivity reactions are relevant in their presenting complaint. Reactive substances can be identified by muscle testing either the patient or through surrogate testing. At times, one can assume a certain substance is causing the reaction and you can skip the muscle testing phase. For example, if a reaction occurs immediately after ingesting or smelling a substance, one can assume it is the culprit.
              Since these reactive substances cause a disturbance in the person's energy field, Energy Psychology techniques are perfect for balancing the energy system in relation to the reactive substance. As the energy imbalance is eliminated, so too are the symptoms.
              I truly have a mission to share this information. The treatments are extremely simple yet very powerful. Sensitivity reactions are extremely relevant. It is estimated that 125 people die of food allergies a year. One of my husband's patients died as a result of smelling something at a restaurant. It is reported that 20% of children have reactions from vaccines causing problems on the continuum from learning disabilities to autism. Everyday, thousands of people have subtle and not so subtle reactions to foods, the air, toxic chemicals, and medications. We have the potential of truly helping people live higher quality lives.
              Although initially trained as a psychotherapist, I am continually telling people that their emotional symptoms may be caused by sensitivity reactions in their bodies. We are in the position of working with people whose self-esteem and self worth are low due to recurring problems that may have a physical basis. Today I saw a woman whose doctor wanted to put her on Prozac. She has a history of crying almost continually from day 15 of her menstrual cycle until her period. She would lose 1 to 2 days of work a month. After one treatment session for hormones and neurotransmitters, she felt much stronger emotionally and only cried 3 times briefly during this cycle. She is so pleased to have discovered a cause for her reactions.
              I was at the ice skating rink with my daughter who was a competitive ice skater. One of the other skaters began to have a severe asthma attack. Her inhaler wasn't working. The child's color was abnormal and her eyes were glazed. Her mother was frantic. She turned to me to see if I could do anything. I immediately began doing EFT on the child. I was doing the tapping on her and saying "difficulty breathing." I did quite a few rounds repeating the reversal phrase after every other sequence. She became aware of her surroundings. Her color got better. When we stopped, her mother reported that she responded quicker than if she had gotten epinephrine at the hospital. Clearly, in this case, I did not know the trigger of the allergic asthmatic reaction, yet EFT worked like a charm.

What is your energy toxin study based upon?

I choose to acknowledge all of the great innovators who have created the basis of this work including NAET, NET, TBM, Biokinetics and Auricular Acupuncture. I had been trained in numerous chiropractic and acupuncture techniques prior to learning EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques. I feel as though I have my foot in both disciplines. It has been an easy leap to put them all together. Hopefully I have combined them in a form that is accessible for therapists to use in their practice. I did not reinvent the wheel. I merely have made adaptations.
              As therapists familiar with Energy Psychology techniques, we have the history taking skills, very often the muscle testing skills, and also the treatment skills to make a major contribution. If all you do is help people decide what substances to avoid in order to feel physically better, you have assisted in their health and well-being. I have had several people who have eliminated persistent, chronic symptoms merely by avoiding wheat in their diet. For example, severe abdominal pain and debilitating night coughs subsided which previously had been unsuccessfully treated with extensive medication and numerous and costly medical tests.

In Closing...

The goal of my manual and trainings is to cement the foundation of knowledge surrounding sensitivities. From that foundation, some of you will feel secure in using the techniques as presented. Others will take the information as a catalyst to try new and varied combinations that work for you to help your clients.
              For me, on a personal level, this work has been extremely rewarding. It is very gratifying to see the positive changes in people. There's nothing more wonderful than the amazement in the eyes of those who are able to lead more "normal" lives. Also, you are offering them a chance to become proactive in their own health care, which has a very positive effect on their complete outlook. Whenever I give a talk and say I deal with allergies, it seems that people with sensitivities come out of the woodwork. Once you see how pervasive this topic is, and how you can so easily help them, I am sure you will be as motivated as I am.


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