Laser Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many successes I have had using my laser: Catherine Davies 

The first time I used my laser was about 3 years ago on my partner. He’d had really bad hay fever, which I had cleared the year before, using Sandi’s protocol for treating allergies with EFT. He started to have some mild symptoms again the following year so I used my laser instead of EFT this time. The treatment only took a few minutes. His symptoms cleared and they have never returned!

I used my laser on a 6 year old who had sore calluses on her hands from so much climbing. They were really sore so I shone the light from my laser on them for a few minutes. She said she could feel a ‘fizzy’ sensation. That’s amazing because it wasn’t even touching her skin! Afterwards she said the calluses didn’t hurt at all anymore. Her Mum, who is a real sceptic, reckoned it was the placebo effect but I know better! (and so did her daughter!).

I worked with a client recently who wanted help with her vertigo, which she had had for several years. I used Sandi Radomski’s Ask & Receive to find out if there was a trauma associated with the vertigo. There was. I was able to find out how old she was when the trauma occurred using muscle testing. She knew exactly what had happened that year and so I used my laser and Ask & Receive to treat the trauma, the symptoms and the emotions connected with the vertigo . I also treated her for her glasses using the laser. A few days later she phoned me to tell me she had been up a ladder painting her ceiling without a hint of dizziness! A few months on and she feels that her vertigo has gone. Fantastic!

More Testimonials

I had been using the Beurer Softlaser for 6 weeks and while my skin felt smoother I didn’t think any one could tell, until my boss said to me that I look younger and healthier. She thought I had started exercising but I only used Softlaser. They were both so impressed that both she and her friend bought one too. I use it everyday. Hanae O. (June 2006)

You’ve made me a believer in lasers. I first used it for my acne and saw results in 1 day! I now use it everyday not only for my skin, but also for cuts and bruises. – Andrea L. (February, 2006)

The Softlaser has had an effect on my eczema on the back of my arm, where no cream or ointment had effect. The Softlaser reduced and thinned the areas in several weeks. I am really happy with my Softlaser. – Valerie B (August, 2006)

The Softlaser is terrific! I used it for a boil that had appeared over my eye 2 days before a job interview. I could not believe how fast it helped reduce the boil on my skin. My skin looked so much better after 2 weeks of use that I got one for my mom and my sister. I keep it in car and use it while I commute to my new job. – Lana F. (November, 2005)

I am a message therapist and saw the Softlaser at the spa where I work. .After reading the brochure I decided to give it a try. I started using the Softlaser to relieve the swelling on my knuckles and was surprised by the great results. It is the only thing that has worked so far. I recommend it to all my clients. – Monique T. (August, 2005)

Canker sores were present in the inside of the upper lip and also upper gums. After 2 treatments, patient reports abatement of all signs and symptoms of infection.

-43 yoa female has history of cold/canker sore infections that usually take 5 to 7 days to resolve.

My name is Linda B, I purchased a Softlaser about three months ago from you. During the month of August 05, we had a hurricane in South Louisiana. This little machine has been a wonder and has been used to death. I used it on myself for cuts and scrapes and insect bites, sticker wounds from brush and trees that had to be moved. I even used it on the dog when she cut her paw pad, and used it on my horse when she had a cut on her eye and leg from tin on the barn. I felt that every emergency operator should carry one of the health lasers to immediately treat wound and bug bites. I really appreciate this little machine. My only regret is that I can not get a more powerful one. -Linda B. (October 2005)


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