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water, sulfer, magnesium, essential fatty acidsI recently conducted a series of half hour muscle testing sessions. Most of the people who participated had some type of chronic health problem ranging from very minor to serious. I tested each person on the same top 20 reactive substances along with 30 foods and 30 supplements of their choosing.

Amazingly, almost everyone that was tested had a problem with the following substances:

Water (oxygen and/or hydrogen) Sulfur Magnesium Essential Fatty Acids

Of course there were other individual differences for specific foods, minerals or vitamins. However, these items were almost universally caused a problem. 

Why these items? My hypothesis is that when a person has a weak muscle test for a substance, the body perceives that it is too dangerous and won’t allow the substance or food to be absorbed or utilized. The body tries to push it away with an inflammatory reaction. Often, the symptoms a person experiences are actually the consequence of these inflammatory reactions.


Even though I have been muscle testing people for over 20 years, I was shocked that almost 100% of the people tested were reactive to water. 

We are 99% water at conception, 90% at birth and 70% of water as an adult. Therefore, any traumas from conception, birth or your early years can easily be associated with water.  

Some people had a problem with just oxygen, some with just hydrogen and some with both elements.


Sulfur is essential to proper detoxing from the body.  If a person tests weak for sulfur, the body is not able to use it to detoxify toxins easily and quickly. A problem with sulfur may also affect the ability to comfortably eat garlic or cabbage.


Magnesium is needed to relax muscles and to be calm. As a society, we are probably more deficient in magnesium than calcium.  If you have a problem with magnesium, you may have difficulty with healthy green vegetables and green drinks.

Essential Fatty Acids

Our brains are composed of 60% essential fatty acids. The myelin sheath surrounding our spinal cord is composed of essential fatty acids. We need to absorb and use these fats for healthy nerve function. If you have a problem with essential fatty acids, your body may be having symptoms when eating egg yolks, avocado, olive oil or even your healthy omega 3 supplements.

People also can react to their own individual nutrients, foods and supplements. 

Once your reactive substances are identified, you can teach your body new information about the substance by using Ask and Receive, Spinal Release or Meridian Laser Technique. 

Click below and you can see me working with someone who is having problems with dairy products. I am using Muscle Test Guided Ask and Receive for clearing the emotional trauma that is associated with dairy products.

Here are the 20 nutrients that I test in my Muscle Test Session. Do you react to any of these substances?

Here is the list of of my top 20 nutrients that I test in this muscle test session:

1.   Water
2.   Oxygen
3.   Hydrogen
4.   Carbon
5.   Nitrogen
6.   Sulfur
7.   Calcium
8.   Magnesium
9.   Vitamin C
10. Vitamin D3
11. B Vitamins
12. Essential Fatty Acids
13. Sugar Mix
14. Heavy Metal mix
15. Mineral Mix
16. Vaccine mix
17. Digestive enzymes
18. Neurotransmitter mix
19. Newspaper and newspaper ink
20. Coffee/chocolate/caffeine


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