The Allergy Antidotes System

What Does the Allergy AntidotesTM System Do?

It does not diagnose or treat psychological or physical symptoms or conditions.  It does treat the energy imbalances within the body’s  meridian energy system.  This meridian energy system is the same system used in acupuncture by the Chinese for the last 5,000 years.  It balances the body’s meridian energy system in relationship to the offending substance.  Once the body’s energy system flows freely again, the symptoms may no longer exist.  Even if they do exist, they should be much more receptive to standard medical treatment.

Energy psychology practitioners around the world have experienced amazing results in treatments for their clients using the Allergy AntidotesTM System. Discover how it can improve the effectiveness of your work.

Allergy AntidotesTM Foundation Bundle

Allergy Antidotes and Ask and Receive Bundle from Sandi Radomski

Bundle Includes DOWNLOADS of:

  • Allergy Antidotes Basic Manual
  • Allergy Antidotes Advanced Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Meridian Laser Techniques Video
  • Ask & Receive for Allergies MP3
  • Ask & Receive TeleclearingTM for Allergies (2 sessions) MP3s

$122 Value

All for Only $67

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Allergy AntidotesTM
Basic Manual

Allergy Antidotes Basic Manual by Sandi Radomski

The Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-like Reactions – This 120+ page manual presents all the information needed to begin treating for substance sensitivities. It describes the various symptoms that may cause allergy-like reactions, as well as the myriad substances that may trigger these reactions. Muscle testing is used to identify sensitivities. Five basic and 4 advanced treatment protocols are presented for eliminating the negative reactions to the problem substances. (See Preview Chapters)


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Allergy AntidotesTM Advanced Procedures Manual

Allergy Antidotes Advanced Manual by Sandi Radomski

The Advanced Procedures manual is the natural progression after the Basic manual. It combines the latest and most effective Energy Psychology procedures into a single package, and contains new testing methods, new research findings, and a large section on the treatment of autism. It includes completely new material as well as information I have been sharing in my training sessions, but which is not included in the Basic manual.


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Allergy AntidotesTM Manuals Combo

Allergy Antidotes System manuals by Sandi Radomski

Buy both the Basic & Advanced Manuals

Save $10

DOWNLOAD Both – $60

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Allergy AntidotesTM Quick Reference Guide

Allergy Antidotes Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide summarizes and demonstrates with color photos the Allergy Antidotes techniques and procedures from both manuals, as well as those developed since the manuals were printed.


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Meridian Laser Technique Manual 

Meridian Laser Technique eBook by Sandra Radomski

Meridian Laser Technique is a way to combine several Energy Psychology techniques to treat negative emotions, limiting beliefs, traumas, non-alignment with positive goals, wounds, organ balance, inflammation, muscle pain and more. This is a 50 page, illustrated, companion book to the Meridian Laser Technique DVD


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Meridian Laser Technique DVD

Meridian Laser Technique DVD by Sandi Radomski

Get the download FREE when you subscribe. (Value of $30.00)

DVD – $30.00

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