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The Allergy AntidotesTM lasers contain light emitting semiconductor chips, driven by a low voltage power supply with a wavelength of 635nm or higher. These lasers are used in low level laser therapy (LLLT) to accelerate tissue repair, including wound healing, and for the alleviation of skin conditions such as acne, scarring, and wrinkles.

The essential feature of healing lasers is the refined, single wavelength of the light beams. The wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm). Shorter wavelengths have lower nanometers, such as those in x-ray equipment, which have nanometers in the single and double digits.  Alternately, the higher the nanometers, the longer the wavelength. In lasers with a wavelength above 600nm, like the SL50 Home Laser, SoftLaser Plus, and e-Tox laser, the light will not damage DNA and is extremely safe for therapeutic uses – Low-Light Laser therapy is also used successfully on animals (dogs, cats, and horses), both at home and in veterinary treatments.

Furthermore, healing lasers at 635nm are the exact vibration of a healthy living cell. In acupuncture, lasers with a beam at 635nm are the equivalent to using a needle, and they have been used in acupuncture for years. Using a laser beam at that frequency heals the cells of the body and easily stimulates acupuncture points (Meridian Points).

Remarkably, LLLT can also reduce both acute and chronic pain.  Although many of the reports of pain relief following exposure to LLLT are anecdotal, there have been a number of reports based on trials aimed at assessing LLLT as an analgesic modality.(Excerpted from, Low Level Laser Therapy, Mary Dyson PhD, FCSP;Softlaser Guide: p.23, 2011)


Numerous healing experiences have been reported from using healing lasers with Allergy Antidote’s Meridian Laser Technique™. (LEARN MORE)

The 635nm lasers have been effectively used for the following conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Emotions
  • Cut and Wound Healing
  • Organ Balance
  • Inflammation
  • Tight Muscles
  • Skin and Beauty Aid

Sandi Demonstrates Using the SL50

Instructions for Using the SL50 


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