About Laser Spray Treatment

Laser Spray Treatment for Allergy-Like Reactions

The Laser Spray Treatment entails stimulating the reflex points on the ears, hands and feet with a laser beam to balance the body’s energy system in relation to an energy toxin. The energy toxin can be a reactive substance, negative emotion or thought or traumatic scene. Slowly spray the laser beam over the entire ears (front and back), hands, and/or feet while the patient is holding or thinking about the energy toxin.

Laser Ear Spray was developed by Bob Radomski, DC. Prior to learning NAET to eliminate allergy-like reactions, we had been using ear acupuncture to reduce reactive symptoms. However, this practice was based on using very specific points in complicated patterns. Bob went to a seminar in which the presenter stimulated all the acupuncture points in the body by waving a larger, cold laser (Majes-tec) over the entire body. Bob reasoned that we could achieve the same results by using a smaller laser on the reflex points of the ear.

In EFT, Gary Craig decided that it is fine to stimulate all endpoints of meridians rather than using Callahan’s complex diagnostic procedure. In the same way, Laser Ear Spray stimulates all ear acupuncture points without diagnosis. Acupuncture points on the ear represent all of the other areas of the body. The ear, like the foot and hand, is a hologram of the entire body. The ear points have the strongest response followed by the foot and then the hand.

Laser Spray Treatment for Allergies with Sandi Radomski

Holding or thinking about a reactive substance creates an imbalance in the body’s energy system and stimulating the ear points will balance the body’s energy system in relation to that thought or substance. The patient can then be in contact with the substance without negative reactions. Don Elium extended the treatment to spray the hands and feet. It can also be used on the Third eye point, down the spine to stimulate the bladder meridian points as in Spinal Release, etc. I recommend using a laser with the wavelength of 635 NM since that is the vibration of a healthy living cell. Spraying the 635NM beam on the skin induces the top cell to vibrate at the level of a healthy cell. By resonance, the next cell and then the next cell also begin to vibrate at that level. You are adding health to the body. Willem Lammers has written an article discussing the use of the laser in emotional work. You can find it at www.iasag.ch/laser.htm.

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