Sandi’s Simple Solutions

 Sandi’s Simple Solutions

An Eating Plan that Works!

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My brand new Sandi’s Simple Solutions e-Cookbook explains what to eat, when to eat and why you eat. It is filled with pictures and simple guidelines. Many people can have great results merely by adhering to this new eating program. However, many need to release the emotional blocks that are keeping them from sticking to an eating plan.

The amazing transformation of Christina

BEFORE Fall 2014 AFTER Summer 2015

In large part, this transformation was due to Sandi’s Simple Solutions


I want YOU to have the body you have always dreamed of and have put together two packages to help you on your journey.

Special Offer!


Package 1 Includes:

Ground Turkey Salad Video Download, Sandi’s Simple Solutions e-Cookbook, Weight Loss: This Time Can Be Different eBook, Ask Along for Food Cravings MP3, TeleClearing for Weight Loss MP3.

PLUS BONUS TeleClearing for Resolutions



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Package 2 Includes:

Everything in Package 1 PLUS a “Targeted
1/2 hour session with Sandi.


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